Why Study Online at USU for an ETLS Degree?

Why Study Online at USU for an ETLS Degree?

The Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Department, one of the top educational technology programs in the country, oversees the administration of the ETLS program. The professors are well-known in a variety of fields, including instructional design theory and application, cutting-edge science teaching techniques, instructional game design, simulators, and technology.

Online Student Resources

The statewide campus closest to Utah's online students will have access to amenities like local assistance, study areas, BlueZone WiFi, and testing services. Virtual services offered by numerous groups and offices situated at Logan's main campus are available to students both in-state and out-of-state. To learn more, see our page on student resources.

In the 2023 National Student Survey (NSS), The University of Essex Online receives distinctions for excellence in academic assistance, teaching, and learning.

The University of Essex Online received good ratings for teaching, learning, and academic assistance in the findings of the 2023 National Student Survey (NSS) performed by the Office for Students (OfS).

Academic Director David Dixon's reflections on this year's outcomes were as follows:

Our dedication to providing top-notch online education has once again been validated by our students. The findings demonstrate remarkable performance in the crucial areas of course instruction, learning opportunities, and evaluation and feedback, with the majority of measures exceeding industry averages and similar benchmarks.  

We are especially happy with these results since they demonstrate the serious effort we are making to include student opinions and voices in the excellent online learning we provide. The University of Essex will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2024, and these NSS results from online students are a great evidence to the school's ongoing dedication for bringing about positive change throughout the world community.

highlight results

In contrast to the industry average of 84%, 94% of respondents said their course was intellectually interesting.

When asked, 95% of respondents said their course gave them the information and abilities they'll need for the future, compared to 82% for the sector as a whole.

Compared to 84% of students overall, those who responded indicated that they were 91% satisfied with the IT facilities and resources that supported their learning.

In contrast to the sector average of 91%, 94% of respondents from students felt that the teaching staff did a good job of explaining things.

Principal indicators of student satisfaction

Our results for the bulk of student satisfaction measures are broken down in the table below. Visit the National Student Survey website for a more in-depth look at this.

How does the NSS function?

Every year, the UK's higher and further education sectors conduct the National Student Survey to get direct feedback from students. The results are presented to assist prospective students in making well-informed selections regarding their course preferences and academic locations.


We would like to express our gratitude to all of the University of Essex Online students who participated in the 2023 National Student Survey (NSS).

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