Public Health Master's Degree (MPH)


Public health master's degree (MPH)

The online Master of Public Health program

at Fairleigh Dickinson University will help you

realize your potential in the healthcare sector.

You can get the education that best supports

your personal and professional goals while

also starting to build your own concepts for

eradicating health inequities under the

guidance of educators with years

of industry expertise.

You'll start your online master's in public health

program with a selection of fundamental

classes before moving on to a professional

track-specific curriculum.

Classes are interactive and are delivered through

an online classroom. Flexible scheduling choices

will be provided to you, allowing you to

pursue your degree at your own speed

and in your own time.

Through group interactions incorporating

case studies and integrated care groups that put an emphasis on interprofessional education, you will receive practical experience using public health tools throughout the course of each semester.

An award from Becton Dickinson

The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Fairleigh Dickinson University receives support from Becton Dickinson, a leading provider of medical technology, in a variety of ways, including through a scholarship program for new and continuing students of public health. Based on academic achievement, financial need, and community activity, $2,500 scholarships will be given out.

One application can be submitted by a student per semester in order to be considered for the scholarship. No other type of financial help may be coupled with aid.

two-way MPA/MPH

The online MPA/MPH program is a fantastic approach to develop your leadership style while obtaining crucial skills if you're interested in a job in administration in the healthcare or government sectors. Two master's degrees can be obtained in two and a half years, after which you can take the Certified in Public Health (CPH) or Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) exams.

The Required Courses

You can improve in your work or continue your study by obtaining your online public health master's degree, giving you the credentials you need. You'll gain expertise in important industry subjects including epidemiology, global health concerns, and innovative management, among others.

With the help of Fairleigh Dickinson University's online Ed.D. higher education program, you may cater to the needs of diverse students and address persistent systemic problems. The Ed.D. program is meant to develop individuals who can lead higher education effectively through the use of an interactive online learning environment. 

You will develop the abilities needed for a variety of administrative leadership positions in college and university settings as a PhD student as you investigate the use of data analytics to address issues in higher education. Additionally, the Ed.D. in Higher Education online program will teach you how to utilize sustainable global practices to assist your local community, institution, and the requirements of your students as well as develop a solid grasp of them.

A 26-month online Ed.D. degree in higher education can be finished in its entirety. A dissertation as well as the completion of 45 credits in a range of courses covering important subjects in higher education, such as academic innovation, efficient retention strategies, data analysis, field internships, and more, are prerequisites. Teachers with years of practical expertise deliver courses during eight-week terms. Additionally, summer residencies with symposia, seminars, and multidisciplinary projects will be available.

With flexible scheduling options to help you balance the next stage of your education with your full-time professional and personal responsibilities, the Ed.D. Higher Education online program was designed with working people in mind. It is offered through Fairleigh Dickinson University's online classroom. wherever your hectic schedule takes you, you can study online whenever it is comfortable.


If you successfully finish the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration degree, you will be granted Advanced Standing into the Ed.D. in Higher Education program. Upon admission, six (6) credits will be applied immediately toward the doctorate's 45-credit requirement. 

You can transfer up to 9 transfer credits into the Ed.D. in Higher Education program if you enroll in an Ed.D. course while enrolled in the Master of Higher Education Administration program. You can transfer up to 3 more credits, for a total of 9, into this program.

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The Required Courses

Students can prepare for a variety of jobs in college and university settings by enrolling in the Ed.D. Higher Education online program, which integrates social justice and data analytics. Students will gain proficiency in efficient and up-to-date administrative methods, database management, statistical analysis, and other topics while navigating a curriculum built on cutting-edge academic approaches.

Your experience in the public sector can help you develop your career with the online master's degree in Cyber and Homeland Security Administration offered by Fairleigh Dickinson University. Our curriculum gives you the skills you need to excel in the security industry, whether you are a veteran of the U.S. military, a first responder, a member of the medical field, or come from another industry.

With the help of our cutting-edge curriculum, you'll gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to direct and oversee the security and administration of your company. The online homeland security degree program is taught by knowledgeable academics who have a real interest in your success and places an emphasis on both the theoretical and practical sides of the discipline.

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