Career Outlook for Business Management


As the economy continues to flourish, companies and organizations all around the world grow. Your bachelor's in business management will put you in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that are required to manage this expansion.

Career Outlook for Business Management

Your wage could go up if you obtain the online business management degree from the university. The highest wage of all the major occupational groupings, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, was earned by management jobs in May 2021 at a median annual wage of $102,450.

The following sectors had some of the highest manager salaries in 2021: sales, marketing, pay and benefits, information technology, finance, human resources, and medicine.

Accountancy online bachelor's degree

A top-notch, career-focused degree completion program, the University of New Haven's B.S. in Accounting program is offered. You can benefit from an accounting degree offered by our Pompea College of Business, which has earned AACSB accreditation, by following these steps:

Discount on Wiley CPAexcel®: Students majoring in accounting who are enrolled in BS programs are entitled to a discount on Wiley CPAexcel®, a CPA test preparation resource recommended by the Big Four accounting firms.

Career Prep: Take the 36 accounting credits that Connecticut requires for the CPA license and start the CMA application process before you graduate.

The Pompea College of Business at the University of New Haven is one of the top 5% of business schools worldwide because it has earned AACSB accreditation.

Part Time: Finish your degree part-time so you can keep working and go to school at the same time.

Experience in the Real World: Participate in a 7–14 week internship that is optional to gain practical experience.

Use Wiley CPAexcel® to study for the CPA Exam.

A discount on Wiley CPAexcel®, a CPA test preparation resource recommended by the Big Four accounting firms, is available to online accounting students at the University of New Haven. This tool's visual learning, easily digestible lessons, and ongoing access to test preparation materials are all intended to aid in your CPA exam preparation. Find out more about this free online CPA test study tool's advantages by visiting this page.

Your ideal accounting profession is one step closer with the online B.S. in Accounting from the University of New Haven. Working closely with a combination of highly educated academics and full-time practitioners, you'll learn the most recent advancements in accounting and business.

The program offers a mechanism for working people to finish their undergraduate degrees and obtain an authorized business degree, as well as for community college students. For those who want to transfer into the program, they must have at least 30 credits.


Online business courses totaling 30 credits, accounting courses totaling 25 credits, and free electives totaling 25 credits make up the B.S. in Accounting degree program at the University of New Haven. The elective courses are a great way for you to learn more about the new interests that are most crucial to achieving your objectives.

Thanks to the University's accounting advisory board, which is made up of important partners from the big four accounting firms and significant regional accounting firms, the curriculum in the online accounting degree program keeps up-to-date.

Get Involved In A Growing Sector

The demand for qualified specialists is greater than ever as the cannabis sector expands at a previously unheard-of rate. As the business grows, new possibilities are opening up in a variety of sectors, including production, retail, extraction, and product development. When you work in the cannabis sector, you're a part of a movement that's transforming lives and bringing about good things. There is also room for everyone in this quickly expanding profession, as there are a variety of positions available, from entry-level to executive responsibilities. 

It's crucial to have the appropriate education and training to become a highly sought-after cannabis specialist. By spending money on your education, you'll acquire the know-how and abilities required to succeed in this fast-paced field and develop your career. Take the first step toward a successful career in cannabis today. Don't miss your chance to contribute to the expansion of the cannabis sector and to secure a bright future.

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Advance Your Career in the Health Sciences to Its Peak

Advanced skills in conceptual thinking, original research, data analysis, and writing are required to advance to high-level executive positions or academic appointments. 

The University of New Haven's Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc) program will help you reach the pinnacle of your profession in administration, teaching, applied research, or practice. With our Doctor of Health Sciences degree in your possession, you'll have earned the highest formal degree available in the industry, which will improve your earning potential, employment options, and respect from your peers.

The need for workers with advanced skill sets and the ability to lead effectively in practice and higher education settings is still strong in the healthcare sector. In actuality, there is presently a nationwide scarcity of health science professors with doctoral training and the credentials to instruct at the master's or doctoral level. Getting a doctorate in health sciences can help bridge that gap.

Only 12 equivalent schools in the whole country, including ours, provide a doctorate in health sciences, and only three do so in New England. Our curriculum offers a stronger emphasis on health leadership in the fields of education and administration than any other program in that group.

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